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As CEO and senior consultant at The Grove Consultants International, I support leaders, teams and their organizations in realizing visionary futures. I help my clients befriend the unknown, embrace change as a transformational opportunity and support others in doing the same.

I work across all levels of systems, from coaching individual leaders and their teams to partnering with clients to design and guide whole-systems change and large cross-organizational stakeholder initiatives. 

In my¬†thirty years of experience and¬†doctoral work in human and organization systems, I have¬†integrated¬†disciplines from across the social sciences‚ÄĒspecifically cultural anthropology, social, humanistic and analytical psychology, organization and leadership development theory.

My passion for learning and evolving conceptual understanding that is grounded in practical experience has led me to write The Liminal Pathways Study, the being the co-author of Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change the Leading as Sacred Practice e-Book. 

I was born and raised in Germany, have lived in Canada and Australia, and have spent most of my adult life living on the West Coast of the United States.

My experiences with indigenous people across four continents has left me with a high regard for their traditional wisdom and the need to support cross-cultural knowledge exchanges. I currently reside on land of the Coast Miwok Tribe in Petaluma, California. I recognize the genocides, trauma and displacement they have faced, and honor their future of self-determination.

Recent Publications

The Liminal Pathways Study 

Just published is my extensive research into the uses and impacts of the Wendling Liminal Pathways FrameworkTM. This study reflects practitioner validation of the its efficacy and many stories of how they have experienced change and liminality in their lives and practices.

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 Leading as Sacred Practice: Six Ways of Knowing & Leading 

This free eBook was co-authored by Alan Briskin, David Sibbet, Holger Scholz and myself. After several years of gathering in inquiry about leading as sacred practice, we crystallized six ways of knowing and leading and a set of foundation practices. 

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Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change

Building on several years of working together on a number of large organizational and environmental change projects, David Sibbet and I co-authored this fourth book of the Wiley & Co. Visual Facilitation series.

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