“What is coming will transform us.” 


  Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.

Change is Fundamental to the Human Experience

At the center of my research and organization consulting practice is working with change. I focus on collaboratively engaging people to tap into their intelligence, energy, and capabilities as they move through the phases of a change process. As CEO of The Grove Consultants International, my team and I work across all levels of systems, from coaching individual leaders and their teams to partnering with clients to co-designing and guiding whole-systems change. 


New Publication:

The Liminal Pathways Study

This Study examines the benefits of the Wendling Liminal Pathways Change FrameworkTM which is grounded in ancient wisdom and modern perspectives and mirrors the complex ambiguity of true, transformation change. The Study reveals essential distinctions and insights regarding how people experience and move through change and how the idea of the liminal opens new ways of thinking about and practicing designing and leading change.


Learn More and Free Excerpt
Learn More and Free Excerpt

Pathways Through Change Workshop

In this three-day workshop, you will explore how to move through ambiguity and not-knowing, tap into your transformational agency and find individual and organizational renewal during times of great upheaval.

Along with the other participants, you will consider change situations that are volitional and planned and those that may feel beyond your control.

Discover for yourself new ways to orient to uncertainty, tap into generativity, envision possibilities, connect to your personal pathway for a more promising future and learn to support other individuals, groups and organizations to develop their own.

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Learn More and Free Excerpt

Next Practice Institute Keynote

Liminality, Ritual & the Sacred in Leadership

Gain insight into personal, organizational and even larger social experiences of transformative change through Dr. Wendling’s Liminal Pathways Change Framework and learn about how a sense of the sacred can inform your change practice.

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