Areas ofĀ Focus

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Organization Change &Ā  Development

As an experienced organization development practitioner, I hold a whole systems perspective in my work with businesses, non-profits, community organizations and multi-stakeholder collaborations. I have deep experience with large educational institutions that are poised to initiate and actualize strategic, innovative and impactful change.

Change can be volitional, situational or developmental. No matter what the original stimulus, a change puts the organization into motion that usually requires some kind of effective response to make the most out of the opportunities that change brings.

Process Design & Facilitation

I design and facilitate small- and large-group meetings and events that are content-rich and outcome-focused. I balance high levels of interaction and exploration with time for conceptual integration and personal reflection.

Types of meetings and events that I facilitate include off-sites, special team and leadership meetings, conferences, professional or community gatherings, honoring and renewal events and more.

Leader & Practitioner Development

I am passionate about developing leaders and practitioners who want to expand their capacity to design and guide change. To support transformational learning experiences, I integrate and balance opportunities for conceptual learning, practical application and personal development.

I have been involved in adult education forĀ 30 years and have designed and led rich learning experiences that range from short modules to extended one- to two-year-long programs. These include programs that are offered to the general public as well as internally for specific organizations.

Leading As Sacred Practice

Many leaders, facilitators, coaches and more encounter experiences that indicate the presence and importance of the sacred in their work and in peoplesā€™ lives. In fact, more and more groups and networks are forming around the world to respond consciously and holistically to the urgency and demands of our times by paying more attention to the sacred.

For the past several years Holger Scholz, Alan Briskin, David Sibbet and I have been co-hosting Leading as Sacred Practice Conferences and online programs to provide a space for the focused exploration of topics and questions related to the sacred in our work, using inquiry, experiential activities and reflection.

Keynotes & PresentationsĀ 

Sharing my research and practioner experience with other professionals and with emerging consultants and leaders is an important part of my work. I regularly give presentations about change and liminality, and lead special customized experiences for leaders and their organizations.

Client Portfolio

Cal Poly Pomona, College of Business Administration
Vision & Culture Development Project
University of CaliforniaĀ Merced
Vision & Change Alignment ProjectĀ 
Minnesota MetCouncil
Year-long Leading Change Program

TheĀ Grove Team Services

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